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It’s incredibly hard to tell the difference to the naked eye. The most efficient way to distinguish the stones apart is to use a loupe (a small magnification device) and to look for two slightly blurred lines indicating a double refraction. The appearance of the two stones are incredibly similar, in fact, Moissanite is the only stone that passes as a diamond on a handheld point test. This makes Moissanite a perfect substitute for a Diamond.

Time does not age a Moissanite. The sparkle will stand the test of time, as will the clarity and colour of the stone. Clean your Moissanite as you would any kind of stone to keep the sparkle consistently at its brightest.

According to the MOHS scale, Moissanite ranks second only to Diamond at a rating of 9.25. This makes Moissanite one of the toughest gemstones available and perfectly suited for everyday wear jewellery. Moissanites are renown for being extremely hard and scratch resistant. Their durability makes the stones highly resistant to scratches, breaks or chips.

If you’re looking for a stone that resembles a diamond without the high price tag, Moissanite is a great option. Whilst Moissanite is still not ‘cheap’, you will find it far more affordable than a diamond of the same characteristics. Some may consider a Diamond an investment, but they are sorely mistaken, a Diamond is actually considered a depreciating asset. You lose most of your value the second you purchase it. Ultimately, a Diamond holds no inherent value over Moissanite, and this should be key when making a considered purchase. At the end of the day, it comes down to your personal preference.

For years, Diamonds have come under scrutiny for their unethical practices in the industry and their extreme toll on the environment from which they are sourced. For this reason, many people are considering alternative stones such as Moissanite. All of our Moissanites are lab grown, and when you choose an ethical and sustainable stone such as Moissanite you are reducing the long-term devastation that diamond mining has on the planet, and you are choosing a conflict free alternative.

Natural Moissanite is a rare, naturally occurring mineral also known as Silicon Carbide. Nobel Prize-winning chemist Dr. Henri Moissan was the first to discover the mineral at the site of a massive meteorite strike in Arizona. Dr Moissan was honour when the new stone was name Moissanite. This mineral only occurs when a meteorite hits earth, it is extremely rare to find a natural Moissanite. For this reason, Moissanite is lab-grown where the mineral can be created in a controlled environment.
Moissanite as a stone has extremely high durability, making it perfect for everyday wear. It has a much higher refractive index, making the Moissanite stone sparkle much brighter than a mined diamond. A Moissanite also has a high double refraction giving us more fire in that sparkle, which we all love so much. Moissanite is becoming increasingly popular as they never lose their colour or their sparkle. Here at House of Felix, we source only the best stones in pure colourless and in the premium D-F range. Our stones are certified **** & 100% traceable.