Moissanite and Diamonds

Everything you need to know about our House of Felix gemstones:
Lab Grown Moissanite and Lab Grown Diamonds. 
Gemstone Lab Grown Moissanite Lab Grown Diamond
Composition Silicon and Carbon Carbon
Source Lab Grown Lab Grown
Refractive Index (sparkle) 2.65 2.42
Mohs Scale 9.25 10
Colour D-F D-F
Clarity VS2-IF VS2-IF
Sparkle both brilliance and fire predominately brilliance
Value $$  $$$
Lab Grown is becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable alternative as the gemstones are made, not mined. This heavily reduces the impact on the earth. Lab Grown also gives us more control over the finish of the gemstone as we aren't competing with naturally occurring environmental factors (i.e. things that create flaws in mined stones).
Here at House of Felix we encourage you to do your research. We pride our selves on quality and value to ensure you are receiving a product you fall in love with.